farmacist formulating a new recipe in front of a microscope

Welcome to the Cosmetrice universe!

A universe of beauty, health, active natural ingredients and luxurious care rituals, through the latest skincare concepts - cosmeceuticals and 360° Instaskin.

The proposed care protocols are thought out, created by Drd. Farm. Ema Gheorghiță, in her own laboratory, after 10 years of experience and 4 years of clinical and scientific validation. Through a holistic approach, the proposed care products are suitable regardless of skin type, with anti-aging properties.

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  • "Congratulations, Ema! Your creams are exceptional, especially the anti-wrinkle one - the brightening effect is amazing! And the moisturizer is really good. I've tried other natural products, but yours are superior. I highly recommend them. They're worth trying!"

    - Ramona

  • "I gladly recommend the natural anti-wrinkle cream, which made my face bright without wrinkles. I look younger and happier!

    Congratulations, dear Emma!"

    - Elena

  • "I recommend because Ema knows the ingredients very well and chooses them specifically according to the needs of the skin. I am very happy with the body cream with a pearly appearance from her, which hydrates and brightens my skin, giving it a pearly shade as well"

    - Andrea