Our story

Dear beauty lover,

I'm Emanuela Gheorghita, founder of Cosmetrice, and I'd like to open the door to our world, where every product starts with a personal promise. My passion for science, inherited from my mother, a chemistry teacher, in-depth studies in pharmacy and cosmetics, are the basis of every Cosmetrica creation.

As a pharmacist PhD student, I deepen my research in the field of cell biology. Commitment to innovation is my creed, which I convey in the products I develop.

At Cosmetrice, we promote a vision where personal beauty is the only measure that matters. It's not about aligning yourself with other people's standards, it's about discovering and valuing your own splendor. The true measure of beauty lies in fulfilling yourself - becoming the brightest, most authentic version of yourself, independent of any other standard.

"The measure of beauty starts within you" is not just a slogan; it's the essence of our philosophy that urges you to celebrate individual uniqueness and beauty.

Each Cosmetrice product is created to inspire you, to lead you towards your ideal of beauty. I offer you more than cosmeceutical products; I offer you a unique experience that combines science with the soul. I am fully dedicated to bringing you the most effective and innovative skin care solutions.

Let's travel together on this path of authentic beauty, where each step brings you closer to the beautiful you.

With warmth,

Dr. Farm Emanuela Gheorghita