Values, mission, vision

Our beauty philosophy includes:

Connecting to permanent innovation

We have a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to skin care with "360° Instaskin" technology, offering holistic solutions that address multiple aspects of skin health and beauty.

Nature as an integral part

We use between 95% and 100% natural ingredients, aided by the pure and timeless processes of nature, in a biomimetic manner that ensures protection, efficiency and safety.

Doubly proven scientific integrity

1. Our active ingredients are backed by science and clinically validated.

2. The efficacy of our formulas is clinically proven and dermatologically validated in an independent laboratory.

Transparency of all research done

Trust is built on openness and honesty, so you have access to all the scientific research that underpins our formulas, as well as the full list of ingredients for each product.

Lasting quality and freshness.

We maintain product freshness through small-batch production and the use of MIRON Violetglass™, whose biophotonic quality prevents degradation caused by exposure to light, but also preserves the effectiveness of the ingredients throughout the products' shelf life.

Sustainability and care for nature

We take responsibility for protecting the environment through green practices, from product creation to product testing and recyclable packaging.

Active Concentration

We prioritize active ingredients at effective concentrations (according to the literature) to provide superior results.

The concept of complementarity

The products in the Cosmetrice range complement each other, without overdosing the active and auxiliary ingredients. Each ingredient forms an effective chemical complex with the other ingredients to deliver the best results together.

Post-Procedural Support

Our products are designed to maintain and enhance the results of professional cosmetic treatments.

Own laboratory certifications


Environmental authorization no. 452/21.09.2023.

Guided by science, inspired by nature and dedicated to your authentic beauty.

What are cosmeceuticals and how do they add value to your skincare routine?

Cosmeceuticals generally contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to traditional cosmetics and often have very clearly niched specific functions. They are developed on the basis of scientific research, undergoing clinical testing to demonstrate their effectiveness. This aspect differentiates them from many of the classic cosmetics, which do not go through the same level of scientific validation.

Cosmeceuticals represent targeted solutions, starting from stimulating collagen production, reducing fine lines to providing antioxidant protection or improving hyperpigmentation.

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