Discover the Secret of COSMETIC Packaging: MIRON Violetglass™

At COSMETRICE, we combine excellence in the manufacture of cosmetics with the art of preserving them. We choose MIRON violet glass for the packaging of our products, a unique material that adds value and effectiveness to each product.

MIRON Violet Bottle - Preserving Natural Purity At the heart of the COSMETRIC philosophy is the belief that nature provides the best ingredients for the beauty and health of your skin. MIRON purple glass is the perfect choice to preserve these gifts of nature in their purest form. Due to its unique properties, this glass filters the sun's rays, allowing only the beneficial spectrum to enter and blocking the harmful rays.

Innovation and Tradition The use of purple glass is not only a modern innovation, but also an ancient tradition, valued since Ancient Egypt for the preservation of precious essences. COSMETRIC, embraces this ancient wisdom and combines it with modern technology to offer you exceptional cosmetics.

Quality and Durability COSMETRIC products are packaged in MIRON purple glass to ensure superior quality and long durability. This means that each cream, serum or lotion retains its beneficial properties for the entire shelf life of the product.

diagram of the interaction of the miron violetglass bottle and the sunlight

Sustainability and Responsibility By choosing the MIRON purple bottle, COSMETRIC ensures the freshness of the products and contributes to the protection of the environment. Our packaging is recyclable and reusable, thus reducing our ecological footprint and supporting a greener future.

The COSMETRIC experience We invite you to experience the COSMETRIC difference. Feel the power of preserved nature in the purest way and enjoy the effectiveness of our products, amplified by the magic of the violet MIRON bottle. Join us on the journey to authentic, sustainable and responsible beauty.

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