About Dr. Farm. Ema Gheorghiță

Dr. Farm. Ema Gheorghiță is the founder of the Cosmetrice brand, a 100% Romanian business and the visionary behind these scientifically tested, scientifically validated products. Inspired by your own needs for a truly healthy, radiant skin that exudes joviality through every pore.

It all started from the belief that beauty comes from within, and the best strategy is to maximize what already exists, through active and fresh ingredients that target the skin's needs. The true measure of beauty lies in fulfilling yourself - becoming the most luminous and authentic version of yourself, independent of any other standard.

With a passion inherited from his parents and built since childhood, Drd. Farm. Ema Gheorghiță first studied pharmacy, then specialized in cosmetic formulation and is currently pursuing her doctorate at the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, section Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Botany and Cell Biology.

"I could say that I have a pleasure for the topical, cosmeceutical and therapeutic implications of the Sedum species, which I am studying intensively, and the results obtained will be patented and introduced into unique cosmetic formulations in the future.

My mother is a chemistry teacher and my father is a medical assistant. When I was little, I would take the dolls and give them treatments, prepare cough syrups made of watercolor with water or put cream on their skin, made of cream with butter and color. I was completely fascinated by the sterile antibiotic bottles, how Dad would combine the saline with the powder from the antibiotic bottle and then insert the syringe to extract the suspension. It was a treat for me to see how at the end he would pop the syringe twice with his fingertips to get all the air out of the needle.

Even though I attended an arts high school, my heart always led me to this job, which I felt belonged to me since birth. I followed my dream, and now you can hold in your hands antiaging cosmeceuticals, created by me and clinically proven by an accredited center."

- Dr. Farm. Ema Gheorghiță

Cosmetric means exact mechanism and concentration, aligned with the latest health and efficiency standards present in the specialized literature. It is a statement and at the same time a proof of the innovation of active ingredients and truly modern, non-invasive care.