Renașterea Pielii Primăvara: Puterea Antioxidanților din gama Intense Lift

Spring Skin Rebirth: The Power of Antioxidants from the Intense Lift range

Spring is not only a sign of renewal for nature, but also for our skin. After months of exposure to harsh winter conditions, skin deserves to be pampered and protected.

Antioxidants - the unsung heroes of skin care.

From bixin to vitamin E, each helps to revitalize and protect the skin.

1. Bixina: The Tropical Elixir for Glow

Bixin, derived from the seeds of the annatto tree, is a powerful antioxidant that provides protection against UV damage. Ideal for sunny spring days, bixina helps keep skin healthy and glowing.

2. Pongamol and Karanjină : Guardians of Nature

Extracted from the seeds of the Pongamia tree, pongamol and karanjina provide protection against sun damage. They help prevent premature aging and cellular damage caused by UV rays.

3. Ferulic Acid: Shield Against Pollution

Ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant found in the cell walls of plants, proves its effectiveness by doubling the protection provided by vitamins E and C. Perfect for urban environments, ferulic acid protects the skin against damage caused by air pollution.

4. Vitamin E: Supreme Hydration.

Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is essential for skin repair and protection. It prevents moisture loss, keeping skin hydrated and vibrant during the transition months of spring.

5. Ginkgo Biloba Extract : Cellular Revitalization

Ginkgo Biloba, one of the oldest trees in the world, is renowned for its antioxidant properties that stimulate blood circulation and help revitalize the skin. By improving cellular oxygenation, Ginkgo Biloba extract ensures brighter, healthier skin.

6. Bakuchiol: Gentle Alternative to Retinol

Bakuchiol , extracted from the seeds of the Babchi plant, is an antioxidant that provides the benefits of retinol without the irritation. By stimulating collagen production, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, being ideal for sensitive skin during the spring renewal period.

Why Spring?

In spring, the skin is exposed to a variety of stressors, from temperature variations to increased pollen levels and changes in humidity. Antioxidants provide essential protection by neutralizing free radicals and minimizing cellular damage. They are crucial for maintaining elasticity, radiance and overall skin health.

How to Integrate Antioxidants into Your Skin Care Routine.

Cleanse: Start with a gentle cleanser that doesn't dry out the skin. Intense Lift Face Cleanser Exfoliator

Toning: Apply an antioxidant-rich toner to prepare skin for hydration. Intense Lift Tonic Mist Activator

Creams: Choose creams that contain a powerful blend of antioxidants. Intense Lift Face Cream

Sun Protection: Don't forget sun protection!

This spring, let your skin breathe and renew itself with the help of these powerful antioxidants. By integrating them into your daily skin care routine, you provide the best start for skin that radiates health, beauty and a superlative of happiness.

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