Clinical study results Intense Lift face cream + Intense Lift Tonic Mist activator

Anti-wrinkle effect demonstrated and evaluated on 20 women after 28 days of using the cosmetic treatment.

Wrinkle reduction effect between 25% and 33% .

*by statistical analysis of the clinical wrinkle score

The hydration level increased with an average value of 26.76% after 28 days of using the cosmetic treatment.

*measured on the forehead with Corneometer CM825

Intensely hydrates the skin 100%
Restores the suppleness and elasticity of the skin 100%

Leaves skin smooth and velvety 100%
Gives a fresh and rejuvenated look to the skin 100%

Provides 100% long-lasting hydration
The complexion regains its brightness 100%

Reduces wrinkles by 90%
Prevents the appearance of wrinkles 90%
Reduces the depth of wrinkles by 90%

Lifting effect 75%

*Self-assessment - application 2 times/day for 28 days